June 05, 2008, a group of Skeptron’s from different chapters in Philippines transplanted into Qatar, Doha area organized the Skeptron Alumni Association of Qatar. Their main objective is to unite all fellow Skeptron’s around the Qatar archipelago. Although that is the first time to meet in person, there was one common bond among them – their Skeptron Experience which remained constant through time.


These fellow Skeptron’s are brave and equipped enough to sacrifice their time, hectic schedule and even financial to pursue their dream and to be recognize as one of the active Filipino Community in Qatar. Their time and efforts later paid the price as December 01, 2008 grant and receive their certificate of RECOGNITION in Philippine Embassy. The Association played important role when they were asked to be part of the Filipino Community to welcome our President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo last December 12, 2008. Today, SAA-Qatar has been involve and engage in numerous Humanitarian Services inside and outside Qatar especially in the Philippines to show what SAA-Qatar is all about.


Skeptron’s behind the success of SAA-Qatar as follows:


Lance Magpoc = U.E.’97

Richard Valmoria = Baclaran’90

Neal Amil = Laguna’90

Jodan Taguines = T.S.U.’00

Jayson Mora = T.S.U.’99

Vicente Laurel Agupitan = Taytay'88 / T.S.U.'09


R.L.I.C. Chapter Organizer Skeptrons:

 Mark Rey Dumale = Cebu’00

Vergel = Cebu’97


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